We provide the following services...

  • Modify Shipping Containers As Affordable Housing + Small Business Spaces
  • Community Development Consulting
  • Convene Impact Investors + Philanthropists for Social Good

our clients

We work with local, regional and federal governments, real estate developers, NGOs, tech startups, corporations, social enterprises, media companies, civic groups, academic institutions, philanthropic foundations, private family foundations, and the music and film industries.

OUR geography

We primarily work in low-wealth inner city communities around the globe. 


"Wanona is a creative leader who knows how to bring diverse people together to share fun, share ideas and share the common work of building community."  - Councilman Steve Schewel, City of Durham, NC


"Wanona creatively bridges local government and community through new, fresh and innovative strategies like no one else." - County Commissioner Brenda Howerton, Durham County, NC


"Wanona is a forward thinker, a doer, a strategist and wise beyond her years. She inspires me daily."          - Nation Hahn, Chief Growth Officer, EdNC.org, Board President of Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation


"Wanona is good at pulling complex things together that people call her "a force of nature;" her brilliance, creativity, and effective problem solving brought events together that were memorable because they were fun, informative and filled with innovative design elements."                                                                  - Ruth Backstrom, Executive Director, Solutions Generators Network, NC