ReJuve's launch is the Community Plug-In-Pod Initiative. Plug-In-Pods are repurposed shipping containers that provide low-wealth communities chic, creative affordable housing and community spaces.

Current Projects

Plug-In-Pods Prototype

Our team is currently constructing an affordable 160sf micro container startup unit on a small urban lot in Atlanta, Georgia. 


Our Design Team.

Site Owner: Makhers Studio LLC

Project Manager/Builder: ReJuve

Architect: Jerryn J. Mccray

Budget: $20k


Plug-In-Pods for Annie E. Casey Foundation, Columbia ventures, core partners


Our team is currently constructing two 320sf community container spaces on the future 30-acre Pittsburgh Yards mixed-use development. Pittsburgh Yards is located along the southern Atlanta Beltline trail.


Our Design Team.

Architect (Sketch): Taylor Workshop

Project Architect: TaC Studios

Project Manager: ReJuve

Builder: CD Moody Construction

Budget: $50k

We’re using local manufacturing to make change more efficient and impactful.

Model of Change

1. Through storytelling and thoughtful analysis we work with communities to identify needs and locate blighted properties. 

2. We identify partners and funding opportunities necessary to provide those anchor services that help communities empower their residents. 

3. Based on these outcomes we together determine existing assets, needs and what solutions we can 'plug-in' to make meaningful impact.

4. We then design, build and deliver plug-in spaces to build community capacity and access.

5. We measure and track progress.

6. We develop permanent equitable communities and effective neighborhood services around the globe through cost-efficient and environmentally sound methodologies. 

We were recently featured in Forbes!